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My guys: 2014 Values

I know this is probably  a little late for most drafts, but I wanted to make a post or two sharing the guys that I am most aggressive on and most cautious on this year (with respect to the FantasyPros ECR). I will start with the list of players I am most aggressive on first.

*Please note that the blurbs following each player listed are more or less notes on the player, not the entire foundation upon which my projections are built.

1. Ryan Braun: My rank: 5/ECR: 30 – This was surprising…Ryan Braun has been so good over the past few years that even if he produced just 85-90% of what he did pre-suspension, he is still a top-10 player.

2. Jean Segura: My rank: 19/ECR: 46 – Perhaps others are invoking the poor second half fallacy. I am not sure. The shoulder could be an issue, but my ranking assumed that he was healthy heading into opening day. A good candidate for 90/10/55/40/.290. Read the rest of this entry